Mr. Boyce Grindstaff
Grindstaff’s Inc.
1007 West Main St.
Forest City, NC 28043

Dear Mr. Boyce

My wife and I want to tell you how satisfied we are with the furniture that we recently bought from your organization and in particular the salesman that we worked with us on our visit. We have seen your billboards advertising your company. When we moved to the area, we made the mistake of going to the furniture mart in Hickory to look for furniture for our new home here in Hendersonville, NC. The whole experience was bad. We found the sofas and end tables over priced after the fact. The service was terrible. And the quality of what we brought left a lot of reservation with us.

Lesson learned. Now that we have been here a white, we found people telling us to “go to Grindstaff’s” “They are good”, was the comment. We went and we most assuredly will go back for more. First, we went to you r store in Forest City with the intent of looking for a slip covered sofa and loveseat. We were assigned a salesman by the name of Doug Barrier by the man at the entrance desk. We explained what we had in mind. Mr. Barrier looked extensively to see if he could find what we had in mind, but he was unable to find anything that matched what we said that we wanted. We were ready to leave, but he said would we like to look around and see what else the store had in stock. It was all soft sell that made we feel very comfortable with no hustle. We found a sofa, a love seat, a desk and a chair and ottoman. His matter od selling made us feel very comfortable with the store

What even added to the experience was the service department. Mr. Barrier told us when he anticipated delivery of the furniture. He checked and it was to he delivered on a date specified. A woman called for the shipping area to double check that we would be home for the delivery on the date that is was supposed to arrive. Mr. Barrier followed up the see if everything was going as we had hoped. You don’t know how great it is to talk to a person in these days rather the “ please press one and give your receipt number to find your delivery date.” It is great to talk to a person that cares. It makes us, the customer , feel like you really care about us. Today they called to say that they would be delivering the last piece if furniture ahead of schedule.

I keep wanting to pinch myself to see if it is real. We found just what we wanted and the people and products are great. We will be back for more and we will tell everyone what a great experience we have had with you group. They are all fantastic.


James S. & Susan P. M.
XXX Fairgate Dr.
Hendersonville, NC 28739


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